Diamand of Tears
Hide all your photographs,
But I can feel you watching me
How long does your memory last?
It's time I ought to be
Moving on and getting over you
I bet it looks like I'm not even trying to
Here all alone, my past on the walls

With nothing left of you to remind me
So why are you still standing behind me

I'm trying hard to forget you
But my empty walls won't let me let you go
When you took it all, you forgot your shadow
You say you wish me well without you
But something 'bout you tells me that you know

When you took it all you forgot
Your shadow
When you took it all you forgot
Your shadow

It's always there, too close, too much
The shape of something I can't touch
I turn, and find the shadow's grown
Those empty eyes I begged to stay
Are watching me from yesterday
You can leave me, can you leave me alone?

[Sam Tsui - Shadows]
12.5.13 14:10

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